Some thoughts...

It has been always nice to think on what others think that we are thinking... Isn't it? And from the day since human started thinking, morals and ethics were formed. So, are these thoughts essential for human life? Or, are them just something like the entertainments we see, a waste of time?

I have been at an engineering college since four years. After all, what I have not learned, is engineering (If this is what engineering is...). I'm not interested in it, may be because I'm imposed to learn those (by my university). But mean while I learned a lot. I developed myself lots of thoughts on "why these and those?" Explanations for what I do, what I should do, etcetra.

This website is a showcase for my thoughts, programs, and articles, related to various unrelated subjects. Comments are always welcome. Sorry for not having any commenting options within the site. You can send your comments via email, or by snail mail (really!). The details are at the About page.

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